It's an Inside Job

Communications 101: The Art & Science of Constructive Confrontation & Conversation

June 06, 2022 Jason Birkevold Liem Season 1 Episode 20
It's an Inside Job
Communications 101: The Art & Science of Constructive Confrontation & Conversation
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Show Notes

In this week's episode we explore how to improve our skills at constructive conflict.

Many of us dislike having a challenging conversation with someone, especially if we consider them to be diligent workers who only need development in a couple of places. What happens quite often is instead of taking up the issue with the person when it is relatively minor, we procrastinate only to watch it balloon into a more severe performance issue later.

  • What makes these discussions so tricky before we even start them? 
  • Why do we feel increased pressure and feel reticent about having the conversation?
  • What is it that makes us afraid? 
  • Do any of these questions resonate with you?

For close to two decades, I have been helping people to answer these types of questions. I usually start by exploring with my client the thoughts that fuel their reluctance to having tough conversations. 


Radical Candor: How to Get What You Want by Saying What You Mean 

by Kim Scott           

The idea is simple: You don't have to choose between being a pushover and a jerk. Using Radical Candor―avoiding the perils of Obnoxious Aggression, Manipulative Insincerity, and Ruinous Empathy―you can be kind and clear at the same time.

Radical Candor is about caring personally and challenging directly, about soliciting criticism to improve your leadership and also providing guidance that helps others grow. It focuses on praise but doesn't shy away from criticism―to help you love your work and the people you work with.


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